We place a high valve on quality work and customer satisfaction, and if problems are encountered we utilize all resources necessary to get the project back on track as soon as possible. The true measure of a good contractor team is how well it managers challenges. We have demonstrated our ability to do this very well, The combination of a strong management team, excellent documented procedures, and a true commitment to provide our customers the very best are the real reasons for our continued success.

The construction division provides a full range of construction services on a project, hourly, unit agreement basis or a complete turnkey basis. The services provide include:

    1. Site Survey.
    2. Excavation and preparation of laying pipelines or ducts
    3. Manholes & Conduits Construction
    4. Pre-Cast Manholes/Handholds Installation
    5. Fiber Optic Cable Splicing & Testing
    6. Fiber Optic Cable Installation by Mole Plough
    7. Concrete foundations construction
    8. Installation, Termination, and of Copper
    9. Installation, Termination, splicing of Fiber Optics
    10. Provides administrative and field support to the OSP provisioning process.
    11. Have knowledge of telephone industry standards, along with infrastructure plans and survey information as well proper bonding and grounding techniques.
    12. Inspection services