At BEC we have unrelenting hub to create value for our clients. We believe the most reliable means of creating long term relationship is to improve our daily business. By improvement we mean customer satisfaction, timely delivery and predictability of result. These measures are important for our clients and also for our employees who seek dynamic environment in which to grow and build their careers. It is against unambiguous requirements that we grade our performance as company leaders. We believe that by consistently building on our track record of growth and improvement, our clients will continue to call upon expertise dependably through time.


  • Barkath Al-Emmar QA reprehensive shall perform implements QA inspection and test of the scope and character necessary to adhere to the quality of construction outlined in the plans and  specification for all performed on or off site.
  • Shall verify that all applicable drawing and specification, amendments and modifications are implemented into all shop drawing, fabrication, construction, and inspection and testing per contract.
  • Shall review all shop drawings, submittal, submittal register or other items for compliance with the contract requirements prior to their implementation into the contract.
  • Shall maintain master inventory of all materials, items installed in accordance with the contract requirements
  • Shall establish and maintain a master deficiency tracking or suspense system thus monitoring assurance that all inspection and testing activities, frequencies are in accordance with the contract requirements.


BARKATH AL EMMAR has established accident prevention policy to provide management employees and clients a firm understanding of the companies position regarding the prevention of the accidents to provide guidelines for the corporate accident prevention program and to assist management in meeting its responsibilities to provide safe working condition for its employees


  • Develops implements and administers all respects of accident prevention programs fire protection and preventions programs and first aid polities utilized by BARKATH AL EMMAR
  • Monitors BARKATH AL EMMAR  compliance with standards and procedures promulgates under the occupations safety and health act of 1970(OCHA) and approved state OSHA plans.
  • Reviews standards and regulations promulgated by OSHA and state or other governmental agencies and formulated uniform interpretations and compliance procedures.

General Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Statement

BEC  recognizes  the  improvement  of  Health  and   Safety (HS)  issues  and   is committed   to  establishing   and  implementing  the  HS  plan  and  procedures  as Outlined in  BEC HS Manual.  This commitment to HS matters is highlighted by BEC Managing Director General Set out a project HS plan compatible with client HS regulations and applicable government laws.

Plan activities and setup system/boundaries to achieve the “ZERO ACCIDENT” goal. Communicate plan  requirement  to all personal and disseminate information by:

1)                  Training and empowering employees.

2)                  Ensure compliance by monitoring, inspection and audits

3)                  Company and utilize a structured HS communication/reporting system

4)                  Regularly  review  and  update HS plans in line with new findings and new regulations.


Ensure  that  proper   medical   resources   are setup and available to all employees. Maintain   appropriate  health  surveillance  and  reporting  systems. Ensure   that a minimum of 10% this project staff have received First Aid training.


Ensure that Safety training and education are conducted and  documented. Actively encourage  near  miss  as  well  as  incident  reporting   and  ensure   follow – up  to documents   “Lessons Learned”   and  enhance  plan. Address  road  safety  as a top priority   including   driver  training   testing,  vehicle    inspections    and    journey management. To inspect/spot check facilities and audit safety activities.


Increasing awareness of environment among all employees. Ensure and positive attitude   towards water   bodies. Ensure   site    reinstatement on   completion    of construction   activities. Reporting   regularly   on   environmental issues to allow enhancement of HS plan.


In  principle  electrical, repair, and/or modification  works shall comply with Client Construction Safety manual, Electrical and Radiation.

Any   work   to  be  carried  out  on  live electrical parts shall, be property analyzed correct method  statement  provided, adequate consequent protection taken relevant permitting from owner obtained prior to commencement.

BEC   will   be   responsible   for   the   connection to existing power distribution  system  of   temporary  electric  supply  on  the  construction  site, and  the    safety measures associated with it.

Only  qualified  electrical  personal  will  be  permitted  to perform any installation, wiring, trouble shooting or repair of electrical equipment.